[100% working] Turn off Windows 10 Automatic Update Permanently

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3 min readSep 6, 2020

Through various updates, Windows is trying to give you some special features of Windows and is trying to solve a problem with the help of updates.

In this article, we will show you how to turn off automatic updates from Windows temporary or permanent.

Let’s start to learn to stop or turn off Windows 10 automatic updates using the following methods.

Method 1 (turn off Temporarily):

If you want to turn off windows updates for some time or want to pause automatic updates for a specific period then follow this method.

Click on the ‘Start’ menu > Settings

You will see that there are many settings in the newly opened window.

Find and click on the ‘Update & Security’ option.

From the left menus, select the ‘Windows Update’ option.

You will see there are some options like Check for updates, Pause updates for 7 days, Change active hours, View update History, Advanced options, etc ( see fig. 3).

Exact below check ‘updates’, you will see ‘Pause updates for 7 days.’

If you want to pause windows updates for 7 days then simply click on that option. You can temporarily disable automatic updates for 7 days by this processor.

If you want to enable automatic updates then just click on ‘Check for updates’ after that you receive important updates from windows.

Do you want to resume windows updates for more than 7 days? No problem, we have another option to do it. Just follow the following steps.

Look at fig. 2 there is an option called ‘Advanced options’ just below the view update history.

Click on Advanced options you will see three sections: ‘Update Options’, ‘Update notifications’, and ‘Pause updates.’

in the pause updates section, there is a drop-down menu called ‘Select a date’ just under ‘Pause until’ which contains several dates.

Select a date that you want to pause update until that date. By this method, you can pause windows automatic updates for a maximum of 35 days.

If you want to re-enable automatic updates then just click on Check for updates.

So these above processors are not for turning off Windows 10 updates permanently!

How to turn off windows 10 automatic updates permanently?

Friends, remember that Microsoft provides you with important updates not to bother you but to secure your system by updating security patches.

If you disable Windows 10 automatic updates permanently then remember that after some time or some months, you must turn it on manually.

Because by this method Microsoft can’t update your system automatically.

So let’s start to turn off windows updates permanently, just follow the following steps.

Method 2 (turn off permanently):

In this method, we are using ‘Local Group Policy’. be aware that we are going to edit the windows group policy.

Read all steps very carefully, because any wrong step may cause to harm your system. So please read it very carefully at How to turn off Windows 10 updates permanently.

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